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Peter Angelo L.Ac., C.A.
Peter Angelo has been a faculty member at the Eastern School of Acupuncture since 2000 and currently serves at the clinical supervisor of the Eastern Schools externship at the Veterans Hospital in East Orange, NJ. A Graduate of Florida School of Massage in 1985 and of Tri-State College of Acupuncture in 1995, Peter completed a two year post graduate study of classical acupuncture styles, in addition to one year on the use of essential oils in Chinese Medicine, both with Jeffrey Yuen in 2003-2004. Peter also has been a Student/Teacher of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Jung since 1978.

Patricia Barron, B.A. L.Ac.
Patricia Barron has studied forms of martial arts including Hung Ga kung fu and various forms of QiGong since 2001 and Yang Style Tai chi since 2004. She became involved with Traditional Chinese Medicine by receiving treatments and taking courses in Tuina Chinese Massage by her Sifu Pedro Yee which led her to the interest of Acupuncture. She graduated from the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine in 2008 and is currently licensed in Acupuncture in NJ, NY and PA. Patricia has a degree in Psychology from Rutgers University and is a Social Worker. For several years, she studied the Five Animal Frolics QiGong system with Master Walter Fricke at the ESATM achieving the level of QiGong instructor.

Ken Burgess, (certified teacher)
Ken Burgess has dedicated over three decades to the practice and study of traditional martial arts. He has attained teacher certification in Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Kung. In 1991, after receiving the precepts, he became a Buddhist and was given the Dharma name, Hoshu (Treasured Practice). After clearly realizing the potential healing powers of these practices, he is now committed to deepening his understanding to help others improve their physical and mental health and fulfill his vow to relieve suffering. He is currently teaching Yang Family Tai Chi under Holly Sweeney-Hillman and is working toward full certification in the 18 Luohan Chi Kung System under Sifu Sergio Arione.

Mitchel Chalek B.F.A., M.S., C.A. (NJ), L.Ac. (NY). Dipl. Of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
Mitchel Chalek is currently teaching Oriental Theory and Clinical Skills at The Eastern School of Acupuncture. A graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1999, Mitchel is certified in Ohashiatsu, from the Ohashi Institute in 1989 and also has a BFA from New York University, in 1977. Prior to joining the Eastern Schools faculty, Mitchel taught at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and has a private practice in Montclair, NJ.

Lois Denmark, M.S., C.A., (NJ), L.Ac. (NY), Dipl. Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (Utilizing Bach Flower Essences)
Lois Denmark is currently teaching core curriculum courses for both the Acupuncture and Traditional Herbal Medicine programs at The Eastern School of Acupuncture. Lois graduated with a MS from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1999. In addition Lois holds a Diploma in Acupuncture from PIOM-NY as well as a B.A from Montclair State College.

Jihong Ding, M.B/B.S., C.A., L.Ac., Dipl. Of Oriental Medicine
Jihong Ding is a Clinical Supervisor and teaches Clinical Skills courses at The Eastern School of Acupuncture. Jihong has a Medical Degree from Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China, 1987, and practiced in China from 1987-1995. An author of various books and articles on Tai Chi, Qigong, Eastern Nutrition and Oriental Medicine, Jihong is also Master of Tai chi Chuan and Tai Chi Sword, having won numerous medals and championships in both events. Jihong has been practicing acupuncture in the United States since 1996 and specializes in Gynecological, Neuromuscular, Psychological Disorders and Pain Syndromes.

Sheila Mason, M.S.W., M.A., C.A., (NJ, PA). Dipl. Ac., (NCCAOM)
Sheila Mason currently teaches core curriculum courses at The Eastern School of Acupuncture. Sheila received her Diplomate in Acupuncture from Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in NY, as well as receiving her B.A. in 1986 from the University of Illinois and her M.S.W., from George Williams College Chicago, Illinois. Sheila is a T'ai Chi Chuan Instructor at the Teaneck Education Community Center and a faculty member at The Swedish Institute.

Jeremy Steiner, B.A., L.Ac.
Jeremy graduated from Rider University in 2001, where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Communications. He then went on to further his studies at the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine, where he obtained his diploma of Acupuncture in 2007. Here he was trained in Traditional Chinese Medical Acupuncture, Five Element Acupuncture and Japanese Style Acupuncture. He also has certification in Five Animal Frolics and Pangushengong Medical Chigong. He was national Board Certified in Acupuncture in 2007, by the national Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), as well as being state licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 2007. He has extensive training and experience working with Master Kiiko Matsumoto, possibly one of the most influential acupuncturists in the last one thousand years. Jeremy has a very busy clinic in Manasquan, NJ, where he has treated between 40 to 60 patients per week for the last 5 years. Currently, Jeremy teaches courses in Japanese Acupuncture, and supervises student interns at the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine. He implements a holistic approach to health and strongly believes in the power of self-healing to achieve long term constitutional improvements in health.

Shiaomei Weingarten, B.A., M.S., Lic. Ac. (NY, CT, PA), C.A. (NJ), Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)
Shiaomei Weingarten currently teaches Survey in Japanese Acupuncture and is a clinic supervisor at The Eastern School of Acupuncture. A graduate of the Eastern School, Shiaomei holds a B.A. in Oriental Languages from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan and a M.S. in Hotel and Food Service Management from the School of Hospitality Management, Florida International University, Florida. Shiaomei has postgraduate studies in Advanced Japanese Treatment (Kiiko Matsumoto Style), is certified in Reflexology by the International Institute for Reflexology, Florida and has professional training with Professor Lin Yun, leader of Tibetan Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui.

Xin Zheng, M.Ac., OMD (China), C.A. (NJ, NY)
Xin Zheng teaches core curriculum courses at The Eastern School of Acupuncture. Xin holds a M.Ac from the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an OMD from Beijing University of Traditional Medicine in China. A faculty member at the New York institute of Chinese Medicine, Xin also has done extensive clinical research, and has teaching experience in China, Wales and England in Internal and Neurological Diseases, with particular reference to Pain Management.

Kiiko Matsumoto, Lic.Ac.
Jeffrey Yuen, B.S. Dipl. Chinese Herbology