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Transfer Students

The Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine admissions standards reflect the institution's commitment to maintaining the acceptance and enrollment of highly qualified and capable individuals.

You may complete a transfer evaluation prior to applying to the MSAc program at ESATM.

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Transfer application/evaluation information:

  • Applicant may be required to submit additional course information such as a syllabi or course description to complete the evaluation.
  • Transfer evaluations take approximately 7-10 business days and are delivered via email from the Director of Admissions.
  • Applicants may be required to take a placement exam or test out of specific courses for transfer credit eligibility.
  • ESATM as mandated by ACAOM may only accept transfer credits from and ACAOM accredited institution up to 50% of the MSAc program at ESATM. Transfer students must attend a minimum of 5 trimesters at ESATM regardless of prior acupuncture education.
  • Transfer credit must have been earned within the last five years of acupuncture education. Core theory and points courses with more than one year of attendance will be subject to placement exams at ESATM.
  • Only completed coursework from an accredited institution may be directly transferrable.
  • ESATM does not offer partial credit. Not all ACAOM accredited institution offer similar credits, hours, coursework and breakdown of curriculum, therefor courses that do not meet the credits, hours or coursework to a full standard will be transferrable.
  • The transfer process must be completed prior to entering the program. Current students cannot receive transfer credit for courses once enrolled in the MSAc program.
  • A minimum grade of "C" (2.0) is required for transfer.
  • Coursework transferred into the program receives the applicable credit, however, grades earned in the previous institution are not calculated into the GPA reflected on the students ESATM transcript. The GPA reflects only courses attended at ESATM.
  • ESATM does not reward life experience credit.
  • Transfer credits accepted into the MSAc program at ESATM from prior post-secondary education does not guarantee that material from prior education will be sufficient to pass the ESATM yearly comprehensive exams. Students cannot receive ESATM course materials for credits transferred in however, they do have the opportunity to audit these courses at a rate of $100.00/credit.