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A letter from the CEO | President

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine. The Eastern School was founded in 1997 by my mother, Julie Puretz. Ms. Puretz was both a licensed acupuncturist and holder of a Masters' Degree in education from Teacher's College, Columbia University in New York City. My mother's introduction to Traditional Asian medicine came through an avenue similar to many others from our culture. Once it became clear that Western medicine was unable to help her resolve a serious health challenge, she found her way to Traditional Medicine.

Julie was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in the 1980's and after conventional approaches had failed to help her, she turned in desperation to a Chinese doctor who, with acupuncture and herbal medicine, was able to restore her health. She was so impressed by this experience that she decided to devote herself to the study and practice of traditional Asian medicine and enrolled in an acupuncture school in New York City. Julie became a licensed acupuncturist and made this pursuit her life's work. During the course of her studies, and in addition to her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she found tremendous value and enrichment in studying Japanese acupuncture, as well as other branches of acupuncture.

After several years of practice and drawing upon her training as an educator, Julie decided to establish an acupuncture school in the State of New Jersey where she had been born and raised. It was her intention to establish a school where students interested in learning this profound and powerful system of medicine could receive personalized training. In addition to their learning Traditional Chinese Medicine, her students would also have the opportunity to learn other approaches within the system of Traditional medicines. The Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine came to fruition in 1997. As a result of her vision and hard work, our school has established itself as one of America's most promising and respected institutions for higher learning in Traditional medicine.

Sadly, in 2007 my mother lost her valiant battle with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Shortly thereafter, having completed my MBA, I took over the helm at the Eastern School and dedicated myself to the same principles of excellence. Today, in carrying forth the revered traditions of Asian medicine, the school has grown and developed into an impressive institution recognized for the preparation of our students to become tomorrow's outstanding healthcare professionals.

The Eastern School is my mother's living legacy and the manifestation of her intention to benefit both the profession of Traditional medicine and the health of society. I am proud and honored to welcome you into our community.

—Aida Almanzar, MBA