Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine
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The main office for the Eastern School of Acupuncture is located at 440 Franklin Street, 5th Floor, Bloomfield, NJ. Students and potential students are encouraged to visit the main office when they have questions concerning admission to the College, financial aid, student accounts, academics or if they need to speak with the School Director.


Located within the main office complex, the library at the Eastern School is a valuable resource for students, faculty, and the public. The library maintains books on acupuncture medicine, Western medicine, other healing modalities, professional journals and videos. A computer with Internet access and a printer is available for student use.

Located within the main office complex, the College's bookstore sells student textbooks, books written by our internationally known faculty members, acupuncture supplies, Chinese herbs and clothing.

All classrooms are located on the 5th floor of 440 Franklin Street in Bloomfield, NJ. Each classroom is used for both didactic and clinical classes and is equipped to handle all the teachers' instructional needs.

A modest student lounge is located on the 5th floor to students for small group study sessions and relaxation.

The Eastern School provides low-cost acupuncture treatments at our faculty supervised student clinic located at 440 Franklin Street, Suite 550 in Bloomfield, NJ. The clinic gives students the opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of patients and health concerns. The students are supervised by licensed clinical faculty as they diagnose and treat patients to become more proficient in patient care. Third year students are required to participate in the clinic on a regular basis as part of their graduation requirements. Patients are seen by appointment with a physician's referral (treatment diagnosis).