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  • The ESATM-Alumni Association is open to all graduates of the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine.
  • It is free to join and the only requirement is to sign up to the ESATM Forum site and participate in helping, sharing, and giving to the school, the students, and fellow alumni.
  • The ESATM Forum site has numerous areas of discussion and members can post questions, treatment concerns in their various styles of practice, or successes they may encounter through treating a particular illness or condition.
  • Discounts in all ESATM run continuing education seminars and workshops.
  • Receive an electronic newsletter, The Compass. It will provide updates on upcoming CEU's, current and ongoing programs at ESATM, alumni postings which members would like to share, and a message from Aida Morales-Almanzar, CEO, as to the school's current direction and achievements.
  • Have a vehicle by which, you as an alumni can participate in a program to give back to your school, the students at ESATM, and to your community.
  • Have the ability to participate in Alumni committees to assist in the professional development of:
    • ESATM to obtain Master's status
    • Provide feedback to the Acupuncture Board on identified issues or concern or needed changes in policy or law within our State
    • Conduct research in conjunction with the school to increase credibility, professional development, and the scientific validity of our profession.
    • Assist through the development of CEU classes and Workshops at ESATM
    • Operate a monthly alumni operated community clinic at ESATM
  • Highlight our graduates with unique skills and talents through shared CEU and student enrichment programs taught at ESATM.
  • Participate in an annual Alumni celebration at the ESATM where members can highlight their talents and share in community with other members and the school.