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Ask the Administrator Questions List

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Where can I find information about Financial Aid?

Where can I find information about Loans?

Where can I find information about Scholarships?

Where can I find information on Mass Transit?

When are Classes?

Do You Offer Online Classes?

Does the Eastern School of Acupuncture offer an accelerated program for, chiropractors, physicians and other students in the medical field?

What if I do not have 4 credits in Human Biology?

When do I take my Board examinations?

When are application deadlines?

How long is the Program?

Does my degree/90 credits have to be in any particular field for eligibility into the program?

Does the Eastern School of Acupuncture provide student housing?

What if I cannot attend an open house but still would like to tour the school?

Does the Eastern School of Acupuncture offer job placement?

What are state regulations and standards throughout the country for Acupuncturists?

Do I have to receive any vaccinations to attend the student clinic?

Does the Eastern School of Acupuncture provide student visas?

What if My Degree is from a Country Other than the US?

I graduate physiotherapy school in Korea and work as PT for 2 years. In other words, I have knowledge of biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics. Also, I have IELTS score overall 7 (Listening 7, reading 7.5, writing 6.5, speaking 6.5). My highest score in reading and listening was 8.5 out of 9. I wonder do I need to prepare for applying your school and want to get a information about scholarship. Thank you

I am currently attending Mercer County Community College in West Windsor. If I took A&P class here, would it transfer? I also have 55 credits currently... would these transfer as well? Thank you

I am a massage therapist from Philadelphia and I have some college credits but not bachelors.... Would I be qualified for any of your programs?

If I complete both the Acupunture and herbology programs, will I be able to be licensed in both acupuncture AND Oriental Medicine? Do you teach tui na in your program? Lastly, I'm from NY, does this program prepare oriental medicine practitioners for NY State licensure? Thank you

I work ft and I'm very interested in your program. Is there an option to pay monthly for the program. Also, can I take prereq biology courses at another institution. Thank you.

I understand prerequesites to be eligible for the program are sixty college credits, but how long are those credits valid for?

Im very interested in your Masters diploma program in Acupunture. If I want to continue to a program that offers Oriental Medicine/Herbology component, will I be able to do that with your diploma? Does the school have any plans to add an oriental medicine or herbology certificate?

What is the price of each semester at eastern school...and do you accept payment plans, thank you

As a registered nurse with a bsn, graduating class of 1999, would I be eligible for this program? Also, are there scholarships that you know of that I could apply for?

I am a licensed and practicing chiropractor 25 years in NJ. Cosidering acupuncture/oriental medicine education and licensure. Will any of my credits transfer and can the program be completed part time so that I may continue my current practice of chiropractic?

I have a few questions about the acupuncture program. I did read that classes are most weekends and one evening a week during year one, and that year three is a year-round schedule. Is year two the same as year one, with most weekends and one evening with the scheduled breaks? If not, what is the schedule like for year two? Also, I know that three letters of reference are requested for application. I did receive the application form and information in the mail already. Is there any specific form that has to be used for the letters of recommendation, or can my references just write their own letter any way they choose? Finally, are there any upcoming open houses on a weekend? Thank you in advance for this information.

Do you have to have a medical background? I'm considering a career change and have a bachelor of social sciences degree

Our practice is in need of a licensed acupuncturist. Do you accept help wanted postings? Or, do you have a placement department I can contact?

Hello, I am interested in your program but have a few questions. I am an RN in NJ and also was a Resp. Therapist, so I have 2 AAS degrees - wondering what type of degree this would be? Masters level diploma - is this a bachelor's degree with a certificate? Also, are the classes every weekend? I currently work in a hospital and am required to work some weekends. How long is each semester and how long are the breaks in between each semester? When does the next group start and what is the deadline for application?

I'd like to attend on an open house visit. The flyer says that there is a discussion at 1:00 PM. But I cannot arrive earlier than 1:30. So my questions are. What does the discussion mean? Is it important to attend the discussion or the open house will be informative enough without the discussion part?

I'm a practicing Chiropractor in Red Bank, New Jersey. I have a bachelors of Science in Nursing and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Palmer College. I am wondering if any of my credits would be able to be used for the duplicated classes required for your program.

Hello, 1. I am living in the central NJ. Middlesex county college. maybe tuition fee will be double? because of out of county? 2.What else for the entrance in terms of college credits. 3.In addition, I am LPN nurse. 1 and a half year experience. also, in terms of science subjects, those are should be studied within 5 years? 4.Is there any requirement for English like Toefl? 5.Is there any further study plan after this like Doctoral?

QUESTION: Outside of the scheduled weekends, what day/evening of the week are the other acupuncture classes scheduled? Thanks!

How many hours is the Acupuncture Program?

What are the pre-requisites to get into the Acupuncture Program?