Monthly Archives: January 2021

Treating the post-COVID patient-Kiiko Matsumoto

Kiiko Matsumoto Live-Streaming from Kiiko’s Clinic A chance to review and master the basics and also learn the newest techniques in Kiiko’s evolving style.   Topic: Kiiko Matsumoto Treatment Strategies: Using the SCM as a Diagnostic Area Kiiko will be treating patients live-2 of the patients have post-COVID syndrome. Course Description: Kiiko Matsumoto will share her insights… Read More »

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How does acupuncture work?

How does acupuncture work? Eusung Woo, Masters of Science in Acupuncture student ESATM Acupuncture works by insertion of needles as we know. Acupuncture needles are, unlike, hollow to inject solutions, metal filiform made from stainless steel. They come in different gauges, lengths, coatings to suit which part of the body needles are being inserted into.… Read More »

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