ESATM Alumnus Amy Yip

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ESATM Alumnus Amy Yip

For 20 years, I enjoyed working in the information systems field. It was once my passion and helped me advance in the corporate world. However, one day I realized that I wanted to pursue something different. I took some time to rethink about what I truly enjoy doing and what it is I could do for long term.  I wanted to pursue a field that I would get better and better at within time. It was also important to me to contribute back to the community. Overall, I wanted to do something meaningful.

As a Chinese woman, I have always been proud about coming from a heritage that is thousands of years old. Being raised up with folk remedies, a combination of both western and Chinese medicine, I became quite healthy. I became interested in learning more about herbs, food, and additional ways to make myself healthier. I would pick up health related books and read them leisurely. I enjoyed any topics in the medical field because the human body and it’s components in a cell was so intriguing to me! After taking some time to study and research on the internet, I found that I could learn about traditional healing methods and practice them in America. That was when I found the medicine of acupuncture and the Eastern School.

I decided to join the Eastern School where I met a lot of great students and teachers. In the first year, I found it challenging because the topic was so foreign to me. Nonetheless, I was able to push forward and accomplish everything that is required to become a licensed acupuncturist. It required perseverance and hard work. There were moments of nervousness and frustration accompanied with tears, but at the end there was feelings of joy, accomplish, and pride.

I started my own practice in June 2013. It contains a humble two treatment room clinic. With the mercy of God, it has been growing since day one. I enjoy talking to my patients, analyzing their cases, and formulating treatment plans.  Through my practice, I have learned that every patient is unique, even when they may have the same health condition. This is the most intriguing part of my career. My joy stems from the patients getting better and healthier and me knowing that I am part of that.

My favorite quote is “Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” –David Frost

(Courtesy of Amy Yip)

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