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Mission and Educational Objectives
Mission and Educational Objectives
Our Mission:

The purpose of the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine is to offer professional training, education and services in acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, and traditional healing modalities that enhance the health and well being of the greater community.

Educational Objectives:

Graduates of the Eastern School will be able to:
  • Deliver competent, compassionate care to patients
  • Gain licensure in the State of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and certification from the NCCAOM and CCAOM (Clean Needle Technique Course)
  • Understand relevant legal and professional issues that impact their future profession
  • Refer patients to appropriate health care providers when indicated
  • Establish successful private practices
  • Work successfully in hospitals and western based health care systems
Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of: Yin/Yang; the Five Elements; the zang-fu; qi, blood and fluids; the Eight Principles; the meridian system (including regular meridians, extraordinary vessels and internal pathways); the Four Exams; indications and contra-indications for the use of needling, moxabustion and cupping; professional ethics; biomedical terminology and pathology; the laws governing the practice of acupuncture in the State of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and other pertinent public policies.

Students will be able to apply the above knowledge as well as treatment strategies based on various traditions with specific focus on TCM, Japanese, and Five Element styles.