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The Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine is located in the scenic town of Montclair, New Jersey. Its name was inspired by the clear view of the island of Manhattan where even today, the New York City skyline can be seen from several vantage points.

Arriving at the base of Eagle Rock Mountain, near what is now Montclair, the Lenni Lenape Indians marveled at the vast undisturbed woodlands and the majestic eagles that soared overhead. The presence of these eagles symbolized a spiritual haven to the Lenni Lenape, who were the first settlers in this area. Today, the Eagle Rock Reservation remains a sanctuary for many species of birds.

Over the years diversity has become and remained a hallmark of Montclair. War veterans, pacifist Quakers and Lutherans settled side-by-side. Many slaves on the Underground Railroad decided to stay here rather than venturing to Boston. Irish immigrants, working on the nearby Morris Canal liked the gentle neighborhood and brought their families to settle in Montclair. Italian produce and meat vendors also followed drawn to the area by the building of the railroad and found Montclair to be a perfect hub for their businesses in the Garden State.

Today, Montclair remains a haven for diverse cultures and expressions. Museums, quality restaurants, boutiques, cafes, galleries - all within walking distance from the school's classroom and clinic - proliferate and help make Montclair the perfect location for the Eastern School, a school dedicated to the belief that "Learning to care for others begins in a caring environment."