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Again, AWB is receiving urgent requests to help in California!

Again, AWB is receiving urgent requests to help in California! If you are moved to donate to our California Relief Effort, please donate now to our Disaster Relief Fund. Our hearts go out to all those affected by this tragedy. AWB has to raise funds for every disaster to which we respond. We do not… Read More »


ESATM Traditional Herbal Program Now Offers Online Classes and is Open to ALL Healthcare Professionals!!

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine exist as historical counterparts intersecting often and combining to provide medicine that philosophically endows the basic principle of yin/yang.  Acupuncture, using needles to puncture the skin to affect the internal processes of the body is balanced by the working of herbal medicine which improves health from the inside-out.  Chinese herbal… Read More »


A Look at Acupuncture Education

A Look at Acupuncture Education The practice of acupuncture provides a rewarding and successful career path to those interested in the world of ancient Oriental medicine. Regardless of where you want to take your career, the first step is to get a quality education. But how do you know where to go? Are there specific… Read More »