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Ask the Administrator Questions
Ask the Administrator Questions
I have a few questions about the acupuncture program. I did read that classes are most weekends and one evening a week during year one, and that year three is a year-round schedule. Is year two the same as year one, with most weekends and one evening with the scheduled breaks? If not, what is the schedule like for year two?
Also, I know that three letters of reference are requested for application. I did receive the application form and information in the mail already. Is there any specific form that has to be used for the letters of recommendation, or can my references just write their own letter any way they choose?
Finally, are there any upcoming open houses on a weekend?
Thank you in advance for this information.

The year three schedule is two clinic shifts per week and two Sunday courses per month, the clinic is open year round therefore students must work shifts in the summer months as well. The year two schedule is similar to the year one schedule, one afternoon/evening per week and weekends from 8-4:30. There is no specific format for letters of recommendation. The open houses for the Fall semester will begin in March, if you would like you can fill out the email notification form on the website to be added to the Open House mailing list. The Open Houses are also updated on the website.

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